Last night I went by the Mesa Street Grill.  Hadn't been there in awhile and, as awesome as I remember their award winning food being; they have somehow gotten even better!!

Mesa Street Grill

I went by last night with Lauren (Lauren is my digital boss.  Not to be confused with my programming boss, my sales boss, my overall boss or any of the big bosses up at the top.) for a preview of what Mesa Street Grill will be offering at the Taste Of El Paso November 14th and 15th.

We started with tostadas and a lightly spiced avocado dip.

The Mesa Street Grill chefs are awesome so pretty much anything you select from their menu will leave you in an almost orgasmic state; but wait til you see their Taste Of El Paso offering!  Ancho rubbed tenderloin w/charred red onion, potatoes and warm peach (yeah, peach!!) salsa; all smothered in a tequila glaze.

I'll be the first to admit that this isn't the type of dish I would normally order on my own.  I'm not one to argue with free food though, so jumped in with both forks.  And I LOVED it!!  The peaches were done perfectly.  Exactly the consistency you would expect but with that warm glaze slightly cooked in.  The mashed (perhaps "whipped" is a better word) potatoes were so smooth, they practically melted in your mouth, the onion was just slightly chared and very flavorful.  No "burnt" taste at all and the tenderloin was   INCREDIBLE!!

The meat was done exactly as I had ordered it and was so tender, (hence the name I guess) that I almost didn't even have to chew it!

The initial presentation was so beautifully done, I really hated to mess it up!  (See for yourself below!)  I sure did though; when I was done there was NOTHING left on that plate.  It actually looked like it had already been washed!  I didn't miss a bite or a drop of anything!  Capped off with a huge (and HOT) jalapeno grilled and wrapped in bacon; this was a meal to remember!




I, like most guys, have always been a pretty simple "steak and potato type".  After this though, I'm totally going to work on broadening my culinary horizons.  Know where I'm going to do that!?  Yep.  The Mesa Street Grill, 2525 N. Mesa!

See for yourself at the Taste Of El Paso!

Get your tickets soon though as seating is limited this year!  Trust me; after you try this you'll be visiting the Mesa Street Grill yourself ... again and again!

Reservations aren't required, but they are recomended!  Make yours by calling (915) 532 - 1881 or click here!