25 years after the original Hooters' opened up near Cielo Vista Mall, El Paso is getting a second Hooters' location.

Hooters' East is located at 1799 Joe Battle, in the old Cattle Barons building, just off the Loop. Pretty much only the shell of Cattle Baron's is left.

There's a new owl in town and he remodeled the you know what out of that building, turning it into EP's newest spot for sports, wings, beer, good times and ... well ... Hooters.

Being that the far east side has been growing like crazy ... and the original Hooters' is always jam packed ... it's absolutely time for another.

El Paso, especially the east side, has certainly got enough room for both of them. Still though, the new location will probably be just as packed as the original in no time.

It will officially open Monday with slightly limited hours and will move to normal operating hours starting October 20th.

Founded in 1983 in Clearwater Florida, Hooter's caught on quick ... hotties in tight shorts and low cut shirts? How could it not? ... and expanded rapidly.

The proud Papa of the "breastaurant", Hooters inspired a number of copycats, at national and local levels. In El Paso, Hiney's, (which closed in 2022 ), was quick to mimic Hooters' at a "Mom 'n Pop" level.

Check out the new Hooter's, inside and out, here.

Glimpse Inside El Paso''s New Hooters

Glimpse Inside El Paso's New Hooters'

Gallery Credit: Dubba G

The way El Paso has grown and with new restaurants opening up all over, will El Paso see a third set of, err ... site for ... Hooters someday?

Only time will tell but I wouldn't bet against it. El Pasoans are very fond of their Hooters'.

For now, in east El Paso, orange really is the new black.

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