El Paso has grown so much over the years and continues to keep growing. We've seen so many attractions open up around El Paso and still have more to look forward to in the future. All we can do is hope that someone will bring the dining in the dark idea someday to El Paso, Texas. We have dined at places that have women in special work outfits and places you can toss your peanut shells wherever. But never have I ever paid money to dine in the dark.

Can you imagine though, going somewhere to eat that requires you to rely on all your other senses but your sight?

There are a couple of big cities such as Las Vegas and Dallas that you can get a firsthand experience of dining in the dark at. Besides when you dine in the dark is when you really have a heightened tasting experience. People who have tested out the dining in the dark restaurants had nothing but good things to say. If you're unsure of what dining in the dark I am referring to you can check out the CBS News video here.

To get a quick sneak peek and a feel of the Las Vegas dining in the dark experience you can check out BLACKOUT in the video above.

Some people who have tried it mentioned how much concentration it took to try and use their other senses to get them through their meal. I believe this new culinary experience would do good in El Paso.

I thank God every day for letting me live and still be able to use all my five senses. I remember a friend of mine from high school (who's blind) always had the delightest ways to describe her lunch. Once she encouraged me to eat a meal in the dark and blindfolded which sounded tempting but never attempted.

Who knew years later I would be anxious to dine in the dark and put my 4 other senses to work. We can easily do this at home but seeing our food takes a bit away from the heightened sense of taste experience. How would you feel about El Paso opening up a restaurant just like that? Let me know in the poll if you would also be eager to test your skills if El Paso jumped on the Dallas and Las Vegas dining in the dark bandwagon below.

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