Paco Wongs, on El Paso's west side, is one of the cities best kept secrets. Here's your chance to save money on your first ... or next ... visit.

Paco Wongs, 7111 N. Mesa, (near Resler), has been in business for almost 43 years. The family tradition it's built on goes back even farther.

Over 60 years ago, the roots of Paco Wongs were set in a legendary Juarez restaurant, the Shangri La.

Paco Wongs isn't exactly a "secret" but there are many in town, particularly on El Paso's rapidly growing (far) east side, who are unfamiliar with it.

Here's a chance for fans and soon to be fans to enjoy a meal there for half off. This weeks dining deal is a $50 gift certificate good at Paco Wongs for only $25.

A 50% discount on the best Chinese/Cantonese style food from a restaurant that's been an El Paso tradition for over 4 decades. I got to pop in after hours recently, check it out.

Paco Wongs Chinese Restaurant

Pics Take You Into Paco Wongs, Around The Restaurant And To Your Table and Meal

Gallery Credit: Dubba G

The menu at Paco Wongs is built on traditional Chinese and Cantonese style dishes and they still make everything today, the same way they did when Mr. Wong Sr. started it all back in 1960.

Paco Wong started out working for his Dad in the restaurant and learned every angle of the business, from the ground up, before fully partnering with his Dad and branching out to El Paso.

Many of the kitchen staff started out with Paco and are still with him. Decades of love for each other and their product have ensured the traditional recipes remain unchanged and the attention to detail unwavering.

Getting to eat it for half off is a bonus on top of an amazing treat. Log on at 10:00am sharp Friday morning (10/27/23) and click here to purchase your gift certificate.

Be on time though, the certificates won't last long.

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