The Grape Italian Ristorante, on El Paso's west side, is a little off the beaten path but so worth finding and trying.

The Grape Italian Ristorante, located at 255 Shadow Mountain, (Not far from Mesa @ Sunland Park), is tucked away between apartments and businesses which makes it a little hard to spot.

You owe it to yourself to pay them a visit though for a drink, to enjoy the ambiance and, most of all, savor the delicious Italian food and steaks they offer.

Here's a chance for those familiar with The Grape ... and newcomers alike ... to enjoy a wonderful meal at The Grape for half off.

This weeks dining deal is a $50 gift certificate for only $25 on the best .

I got to pop in before they opened to the public the other day to see the inside of The Grape and its companion, Stoics Bar. Check it out ...

An Inside Look At The Grape Italian Ristorante

A Glimpse Inside The Grape Italian Ristorante and Stoic's Bar

Gallery Credit: Dubba G

Don't forget dessert ... I didn't get a picture of mine, cheesecake doesn't last long around me, but it was delicious. They offer other items for your sweet tooth as well.

The Grape not only offers Italian food, they also do some awesome steaks. The Rib Eye I tried as part of the sampling I went to was beyond words.

Beautiful place, awesome bar, AMAZING food and, on occasion, live music as well. For reservations, call 915-231-6603.

Getting to eat it for half off is a bonus on top of an amazing treat. Log on at 10:00am sharp Friday morning (11/10/23) and click here to purchase your gift certificate.

Be ready at 10am sharp ... these certificates will go fast.

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