Discovery Channel kicked off its 25th Annual Shark Week this week. A week dedicated to shows about shark attacks videos, shark attack stories, shark documentaries, and tons of specials on the legendary Great White Shark.

But there are so many animals out there who deserve an entire week dedicated to them!

  • Photo Via Flickr User Emil Melgaard-Tixz

    Snail Week

    Snails are interesting creatures even if they are small. They are hermaphrodites, meaning they are both male and female. They lay eggs and can produce sperm as well.

    They live up to 15 years and if kept in captivity can even live for 25 years. Also, they hibernate during cold months and can hibernate if there is severe drought.

    Just don't expect there to be any crazy snail attack videos during Snail Week.

  • Photo Via Flickr User JesseClaggett

    Deep Sea Fish Week

    Just looking at these fish are enough to make me want to pee my pants. They all look evil and half dead and make me not want to go in deep water. But then you find out they are 6 inches and things have to be over 6 inches to scare me. Insert pun right there.

  • Photo Via Flickr User iam_photography

    Big Cat Week

    Lions, Tigers, and Cheetahs heck yes! Big cats are not only cuddly, they could kill you with one swipe of their paw.

    Cheetahs are the fastest mammal on Earth, reaching up to 75 miles an hour in less than a quarter mile. When running from the cops, that would be a quality I'd like to have.

    Tigers can eat up to 60 lbs of food in one day, which is equivalent to most men I see at wing places during football season.

    And lastly lions only last about ten seconds during sex but continue to do it over 40 times a day. That comes out to a little over 6 minutes, which is about how long most men last anyway.

    Moral of the story, big cats are a lot like us.

  • Photo Via Flickr User Nicholaus Haskins

    Pomeranian Week

    Or maybe we should just call this angry little dog week. There are plenty of videos of these dogs attacking people and I see the ferocity all the time. My parents have an evil Pom named The Fonz (yes, after Happy Days).

    In my dogs case, he's actually racist as well so he would have his own 60 minute special. It'd be the Intervention episode for the week and Dr. Drew would host.

  • Photo Via Flickr User Charlie bosmore

    Hippo Week

    Sure, they may be big and Disney always has them dancing and singing in movies, but these mammals are mean! If a human gets into their territory they are known for charging and also do not like to be bothered.

    These aggressive animal's first instinct is always to bite and if you got bit by one you would be dead. Also, if you were to meet one outside of their comfort zone, water, they are even more likely to attack. Makes sense considering they kills more humans every year than any other animal.

    Showing fatties can do some serious damage!

  • Photo Via Flicker User etee

    Giant Squid Week

    Any animal that has "giant" in their name should totally have an entire week dedicated to their bad assness (yes, it's a word-Google it).

    This creature is still a mystery to scientists because of its harsh deep sea habitat but they can grow to be as big as 60 feet long and weigh a ton. That's bigger than a school bus or slightly larger than Octomom's vagina, you decide.

  • Photo Via Flickr User tolomea

    Dolphin Week

    Now, this animal week could help clear up some of the misconceptions on this animal. Or, it could help solidify them as well.

    Dolphins are thought to be animals that are trainable, sweet and fun. But then there is the dark side of dolphins. They rape humans. That sentence right there should give you enough information to want an entire week to learn more about them to see if it is true or not.