As you know I have been away from work for the longest time. But today I am back and it feels so great to finally return. I thought I was able to be at work until it was time to deliver but unfortunately I couldn’t. I was put on bed rest about a week before delivery and HATED every bit of it. Once my chosen date arrived to deliver my health went downhill from that day forward.

I had a C-Section on January 14 that came along with some complications. Those complications ended up costing me my sanity because of how long I was out of work. Most people enjoy time off from work, but when you love what you do for a living it sucks to be away.

Don't get me wrong I also enjoyed those sleepless nights bonding with my daughter Izzy. But the times I couldn't nap while Izzy would I had to find things to do. I started cleaning out my wardrobe putting clothes I don't use to donate. I also bought a few books from the store to read and help the time go by faster. I even started watching a new show on HBO called The Outsider which is insanely addicting. Now the time has finally come where we can both rock on the job together. I am stoked to be back to talking your ears off again and converse on the rock line.

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