Newbie Q-T

There’s a perfectly good explanation as to why you haven’t heard me on the radio waves lately. I have been off the air for a while which seems like forever to me. Last year some of you may have read about me finding out I was pregnant. Luckily I made it through the 38 weeks with some hiccups along the journey. Some of those hiccups explain why you would hear me on the radio a couple of days and not the next.

But anyway back to my explanation about me being off the air for quite some time now. At the beginning of my pregnancy, I was diagnosed with placenta previa which meant I had to take it easy. Being on the radio is an easy gig since I don’t have to lift heavy things or do any sort of physical labor. But towards the end of my pregnancy, I was diagnosed with preeclampsia and put on leave.

Preeclampsia is dangerous to pregnant women because of what the mom and unborn child experiences. I did experience so many problems while having preeclampsia at the end of my pregnancy. While having preeclampsia I started having high blood pressure which I normally don’t usually have. When a woman has preeclampsia while pregnant she can have a seizure which isn’t good for her or the baby. So there you have it, my explanation as to why you’ve been hearing Daniel Paulus instead of me.

One thing for sure is I can't wait to get back to work and talk your ears off. Also excited to see the work-family that has been supportive of me 100%.

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