Many years ago (not ancient or anything) I was interviewed by Mike Adams and given 10 questions. The interview was held in August of 2013 and looking back, oh how my answers have dramatically changed.

So I am going to answer the same exact 10 questions below with who I have accomplished to become in the past years. You will definitely notice my skin tone as well as my hair has changed BIG TIME and looking back I also changed mentally.

1.  What are your top 3 favorite bands of all time? Well two have not changed which would be Deftones and Incubus. Years before I listed Kings Of Leon but have not really listened to them lately so now my third band would be Taking Back Sunday. Whew, that was tough!

2.  Which best describes you – beer drinker and hell raiser or quiet night and a good book? Before I would have been considered the beer drinker and hell raiser with my dude friends buuuuuuut.... A LOT has changed since then and now I proudly accept the grandma title since I rather be vegging out at home reading, listening to music, writing or just watching my shows.

3.  What is the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done? Before my answer was about stripping in the car at the red light. My reply today would have to be sneaking into my friends apartment pool after hours and, jumping the fence and jumping in to take a swim.

4.  What is your favorite restaurant in El Paso and what on the menu would you recommend to your listeners? My favorite restaurant in El Paso before was "Luchador" but my taste has also had a dramatic change since then. Now, I really enjoy "Corner Bakery" that I also got my son hooked on it as well.

5.  If you could vacation anywhere in the world – where would it be and why? This answer clearly remains the same since I yet still have to go visit my family there which is Spain.

6.  What is the worst movie you’ve ever seen? The worst movie I have seen since then would be Gone Girl and I say worst because that movie shows you that someone can just snap and turn on you. It was crazy insane and also left you wondering what now at the end.

7.  What is your most embarrassing guilty pleasure? OH geez! Well I don't even have time for what my last answer was for Mike. But now, would be raising the volume in the studio when a favorite song comes on when I am working....

8.  What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not being a radio superstar? Two answers remain the same which is hanging out with my little mug Isaiah and going to concerts when I can.

9.  What is your dream car? My dream car is still the old classic 1970 Chevelle and a few others but gotta give credit to the Chevelle.

10.  If Hollywood decided to make a movie of your life – what would the movie be called and what actor would play you? I would change it from Excess Baggage to The Ups and Downs of Veronica ... Now as for who would play me ..... Minka Kelly because of how much of a sweetheart she is!