There are so many local podcasts you enjoy listening to that takes your mind off things. In fact, podcasts are your way of escaping your life and jumping into someone else's. Well, the hilarious crew of Conversing with Chris and Misa Podcast helps you forget your own personal problems.

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These guys that make the show happen are Chris, Misa, Wes, and Mr. Blue (the beer man). Those hilarious dudes will have your face cheeks hurting when you watch them and their guests. They've actually had Nico and Brandon from the Buzz Adams Morning Show as guests.

Well, just before Father's Day, the guys invited me on to their show which was my first podcast appearance. Chris and Misa help you get to know their guests on a very personal level. So if you've ever wanted to understand me (the girl you hear on KLAQ) on a personal level, this should be worth a listen.

First I must say, I could disappoint some people I attended high school with. But this was the coolest experience I feel lucky to have been a part of. These dudes Chris, Misa, and Wes seriously had me reminiscing and laughing my tush off.

You can hear some personal stories of mine that involve some people who we called Heather and Hunter who I am dedicating the episode to. Now if you really want to laugh you can hear the story about someone catfishing people with my picture and information. You can hear all the real chisme about me and from the real actual source, me. If El Paso has a special place in your heart then be sure to tune in.

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