If you have ever wondered what goes on in the Klaq studios during a power outage, your proof is above. If you think we have it easy, we actually don't because as it is this building is pretty scary late at night.

Our former studly on air talent Johnnie Walker made what seems like a survival video during a power outage. I myself have experienced a power outage here at the studio the only difference was mine happened during a snow storm. Let me just clarify, it ain't fun when you're all alone in a dark big building. Luckily I was not alone since my relief Peter Carrillo came in for his shift and thankfully we had each other. Unlike Johnnie, he was all by his lonesome self and to make things worse the wi-fi had lost signal. Johnnie made sure to record every part of his boredom breakdown to give you insight on how much we rely on internet.

I am just glad that Johnnie didn't start talking to this zombie looking dummy we have as if it were Wilson on Cast Away!

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