There is nothing more irritating than playing the waiting game for a fake profile of YOU to be removed. Imagine having your image, name, face, and using what you do for a living trying to scam people, it's a cruddy feeling. Well, that is exactly what is going on with me at the moment.

Last Friday, I got a call from my digital boss asking if I messaged someone about winning money, and for the record El Paso, no I didn't. But low and behold someone posing to be me, is. There is a fake Instagram account posing to be me trying to scam all sorts of people in and possibly outside of El Paso.

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Last Friday I shared the fake account veronica_gonzalez995 on my personal social media outlets asking people to report it. The fake Instagram account is sending out false information to maybe in trade get yours. Also, there is a routine we follow when it comes to winners and one way doesn't involve me DM'ing you.

But some signs that should tell you this account is fake is they have zero posts and the numbers don't match KLAQ's dial. My real account is Calivbee for Instagram and BeachyV on Twitter. We recently wrapped up the Q Cash Code on Friday, April 30. Well, that day is when people came forward claiming I am sending out messages about winning a prize.

So, I want to spread the word around asking you to please report the veronica_gonzalez995 Instagram account to help stop this person. I hope no one released any personal information to this account, and if you have I would contact our local authority. Besides we process winners in a different manner. But please help spread the word and share this with everyone you know to warn them.

Scammer Alert

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