According to research by Erciyes University, men who have some extra wait, also develop some extra female hormones, which help them last longer during sex. Another reason to be a chubby chaser, like me.

Buzz and the KLAQ Morning Show discussed some reasons why women love fat men. Some reasons were women felt they wouldn't be nagged for gaining weight, while others think big men have better personalities.

I am a chubby man enthusiast. Due to dating both skinny and fat men, I found chubby men to be my preferred choice. It comes down to personality for me, but this study is something that can back up my chubby love.

This survey is probably making many people happy, since the results found, "Fat men could last an average of 7.3 minutes during love making, while others only lasted 1.8 minutes." 

They found this to be true by analyzing the female hormone, oestradiol, in big men, compared to lean men. Results showed men with excessive body fat have more oestradiol, which helps them last longer during sex. Men who were receiving treatment for premature ejaculation had lower body mass index (BMI), which means they are pretty lean, but pretty quick.

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