A 24WALLST.com study says the most reliable vehicle is the the Toyota Prius C and the least is the Ford Fiesta. 

That's just the subcompact class, ok? Check out the others here.  They figured this out via a bunch of scientific mumbo jumbo. Me, I'm not that complicated.

Based on what I've seen around the Borderland, I give the "most dependable" award to Ford F-150's and Harley Davidsons.

Seriously, F-150 are, basically, the official truck of the Borderland. (No offense to the Dodge and Chevy guys but, count trucks for half an hour and see how many are F-150's.) Then, look at their ages! Late models all the way back to the 70's. 50's and 60's even!

Some may look like crap but, they're running strong, the occasional backfire notwithstanding. Ditto for some old school Harleys around here. 70's and 80's models that could probably take a bullet and still run.

You want to know which vehicle's are most dependable? Look for models that rolled off the line 3-4 decades ago and, with relatively few changes, are still rolling off the line(s) today.

No fancy labs, numbers or white coated technicians necessary.

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