Some Texas City populations are flourishing, some are holding their own and some are in decline. Looking at you El Paso ...

A recent study by FinanceBuzz ranked the Texas cities losing peeps the fastest and, for good or bad, El Paso made the top 10.

I say "for good or bad" because a lot of people feel like we're maybe getting a bit too big here in El Chuco. I don't ... not yet anyway ... as we can always ease those big city blahs by hanging out in places like Ruidoso, Cruces or Mesilla.

Where Did El Paso Rank In Texas Cities Losing The Most People?

El Paso came it at #6 on the list with a population change of -0.63%. and an overall score of 57.2.

First place went to Corpus Christi who lost -3.17% of their residents and got an overall score of 64.9.

How Was The Population Decline In Each City Arrived At?

To do this, FinanceBuzz analysts looked at cities that had populations of 200,000 or more as of 2019 and then weighed a variety of factors, including population growth/decline, unemployment, income, percentage of vacant homes, and number of residents with collections debt. -

How Did Texas Cities Rank Across The Country?

No Texas cities made the national top 10 list. Corpus Christi was first in Texas but, nationwide, only got to #12. #1 went to San Francisco, California.

One thing to keep in mind is the pandemic occurred within the time frame this study used. Some people moved after losing their jobs, businesses or otherwise having their income severely impacted forced them to relocate.

To see where other Texas cities ranked, and how many folks they lost, click here. To view stats for cities across the country, click here.

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