There is a dude that is turning heads and enchanting ears on the Eastside of El Paso. The dude even got me staring when I was waiting at a red light on Lee Trevino Dr. and Vista Del Sol.

This musician makes waiting at a red light such a delight. Usually, some of us are in a hurry and anxious for the red light to turn green. When you spot an entertainer like this guy, you can't help but wish the red light lasted longer. I enjoyed the show the music he played while waiting at the red light.

After playing his guitar he even interacted with people driving by. When I was waiting at the red light I managed to catch a few pictures of the street performer. During the time I was taking pictures he was dancing around waving at drivers passing by.

This man had quite the spirit as he jumped around and played his guitar in the middle of the intersection. He was so great when he first caught my eye that my initial route I was taking changed last minute. I decided to make a U-turn after passing Vista Del Sol and take a detour just to see him perform. I am not sure how often this guy sets up at the busy intersection and entertains the drivers.

The day I spotted him was a couple of Fridays ago around 6 pm. So if you're ever on the Eastside and in that vicinity be sure to keep a lookout for the dude playing his guitar.

Lee Trevino Street Performer

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