Did you know El Pasoan and PGA golfer Lee Trevino had a nickname? He was called "The Merry Mex."

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I'm not sure about you but as somebody who has lived in El Paso his whole life I just found out that famous El Pasoan/ famous street and professional golfer Lee Trevino had a pretty racist nickname back in the day when he was crushing it on the PGA tour.

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(Think 70's and 80's hoochie daddy shorts.)

I came across an article from Golf.com, yes I read golf stories every once in a while when I want to learn something that might trip up Buzz, about golf tips from six-time majors champion and Golf Hall of Famer, Lee Trevino.

This is how the article started,

Lee Trevino has forgotten more about golf than the rest of us could ever dream to learn. And the best thing about “The Merry Mex” is that he’s never been shy in sharing it with others. - GOLF MAGAZINE September 8th, 2022

I can't speak for what other people's reactions might be, I know I was surprised as hell to read the words "The Merry Mex".

It just comes off as extremely racist to me, particularly when it refers to one of the few minorities and the ONLY Hispanic player in a sport FULL of white dudes.

I brought this up to Buzz thinking I would trip him up. But Buzz knew all about the nickname and seemed to think it was no big deal.

"How's that worse than calling a British person a Brit, or an Australian person an Aussie?"

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Good point I told him, but I don't think he's taking into account that some nicknames like are meant to be derogatory, especially when is about a marginalized group of people.

I'm not sure it would sound any better if there was an Asian golfer and people called him "The Jolly Jap."

What do you think is this a racist nickname or NBD?

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