Renard Hirsch should sound familiar since you've seen him in The Green MileHancockDrum Line, and more. He had some serious roles in certain films but he sure does have a funny side to him too. You have also seen Renard Hirsch on Bravo, BET, Lifetime, and other channels before. But where you can see him again but in person is right here in El Paso. Stand-up Comedian, Renard Hirsch will be giving us unlimited amounts of laughs starting tonight.

His first show will be tonight at Bart Reed's Comic Strip on Airway. The first showing will be at 7:30 tonight but that isn't the end of it. He will be staying in El Paso for a few days and will have his last show on Sunday, December 29. There will be two showings on Friday, December 27 and Saturday, December 29. If you're in need of some laughs then Renard Hirsch can do just that for you beginning tonight at the Comic Strip.