It has been quite some time since we have heard from Cold but have seen updates from the band. We have been anxiously waiting to hear new music from this American rock band.

The last time we heard from these guys was when Year of The Spider and Different Kind Of Pain was released. Those two albums had some music we used to play a long time ago when I was an intern in 2004. I really enjoyed one particular song which was a secret song that was hidden.  It was the last song on Year of The Spider which you had to fast forward past "Kill The Music Industry"  and "Gone Away" is song number 14. It doesn't say on the album but it is on that album that is considered a hidden track. I remember a long time ago seeing them perform live at a rinky-dink bar and enjoyed every song they played. This is the band you would want to see live and take a listen to their music. Scooter Ward always sang about emotional stuff and his lyrics definitely show it. Since last year they have promised new music and hopefully, it comes soon!

Hopefully, they keep their word and return with new music sooner than expected!

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