El Paso has always been known for the intense heat practically all year round. But come October/November time, the temperatures drop & on occasion we do get snowfall in the desert. But...when will it happen again? Well...I have an idea when.

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It's not uncommon for El Paso to experience crazy weather during the winter months (November-February). Most of the time we're used to heavy rain but every so often, we do get snow. The last time El Paso experienced snow was not too long ago: it was earlier this year back around Valentine's Day, when the Sun City became the "Snow" City:

Of course snow isn't too uncommon here in El Paso. According to the National Weather Service, we've experienced a DOZEN of times where we've gotten over 5 inches of snow; the recent being back in December 2015 (On the 26th to the 27th we received over 8 inches of snow). The most snow El Paso has EVER gotten was back in 1987, receiving over 22 INCHES of snow between December 13-14th.

Statistically, December is the coldest month in El Paso. But according to KTSM, El Paso is expected to have a warmer than average winter this year between November to January 2022. However this IS El Paso; where the weather can change from raining heavily to being clear & sunny in a matter of minutes. Not to mention We've also had snow fall in spring months like March & April so it's impossible to truly predict what the weather will do. In fact, it's been over a year since we got snow in October.

But the big question is, "When do I think it'll snow in El Paso?". My prediction? Well judging that December usually IS the coldest month of the year...I say it will snow right before the end of 2021: December 30th.

Will my crazy prediction be correct or will I be completely wrong? Only time will tell. But one thing I CAN bet on: now would be the perfect time to bring out the extra blankets, jackets, & heaters.

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