You know by now that I'm a huge music fan, and I love original music from local guys. As long as you're doing what you love to do, I'm down. Even if it's not something I'm really interested in, I still respect and dig that you're doing your thing. Keep at it! We need more people creating and doing new stuff.

Some of the people around town that I really like are all different, and range from jazz to reggae to rock to blues to metal...I'm down with all of it! Check out these guy, who are two of my favorite local musicians.

Travis Manning - This guy has been around the area forever, playing in New Mexican Erection, Worm-Hole, and now doing his solo acoustic project. One of my favorite local singers, Travis writes really killer tunes!

CW Ayon - Cooper has ben around forever as well, playing in the Dirty Clydes, and doing his solo project. I love the blues, and that old resonator guitar sound, and CW does that style really well! He's got the whole one-man-band ting going, as he plays the kick drum with one foot, the snare with the other, guitar, he sings and plays harmonica, too! If you haven't experienced CW...check him out!