No, Trent hasn't been hiding dark country secrets. Rolling Stone seems to think he has though...

Rolling Stone Magazine recently published an article about the success of country hit, "Old Town Road" and an award it won for Nine Inch Nails frontman, Trent Reznor. Nothing wrong with that at all. It's the articles headline that's funny as it labels Trent a "Country Music Veteran".

Really? Is there a stack of country classics featuring Trent somewhere? Trent does seriously deserve some credit as he's listed as a producer. Granted, this is mostly thanks to the fact that the song features some banjo work from NIN's “34 Ghosts IV".

Trent got his first CMA Award ever for this, as did��rapper-singer Lil Nas X and it scored Billy Ray Cyrus his first CMA in a couple of decades. Trent's partner, Atticus Ross and producer YoungKio, each also got a CMA.

Congrats to all and, extra props to Trent for his recent promotion to Country Music "Veteran". Think that will get him inducted into the Country Music Hall Of Fame?

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