Jellyfish are gnarly to observe, but this observation of a jellyfish colliding with a ring air bubble is attention-grabbing! The person filming also made sure to use the slow-mo speed while the jellyfish spun in circles.

A lucky snorkeler happened to be at the right place at the right time after recording the video above. Now bubble rings are just air in a vortex current and happened to have enough strength to spin the jellyfish in circles. Now there's no need to feel bad for the jellyfish colliding with the bubble ring. Jellyfish are used to spinning fast from the strong waves and currents. Normally we're used to observing jellyfish plopping up and down in the water instead of in a circular motion. This jellyfish colliding with the bubble ring is pretty interesting to watch especially in slow motion. If jellyfish could spin like ballerinas in ballet, this is exactly what it would look like. Sometimes it is a good thing to always have a recording device handy for moments like these! I bet surfers are jealous of jellyfish for being able to withstand all kinds of currents.

If you're a fan of watching jellyfish like me, this short video will not disappoint you!


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