The New iPhone Gives Us Slow Motion Chi Chis!
Ever since the new iPhone was released on Friday, people have been split down the middle on the new IOS 7 operating system. But the one thing that everybody seems to love is the new slow motion function on the camera.
Matrix Pigeon Just Misses Becoming Road Kill at Monaco [VIDEO]
Just call this bird Neo. Hanging out on the track at the Monaco Grand Prix like a sitting duck, this pigeon barely misses getting clipped by a hard-charging F1 race car. Roll the super slow-mo camera and we see just how amazing the bird's reflexes are. It never even touches the ground. Top that…
Streetfest Slowdown 2012, First Night [VIDEO]
KLAQ's Streetfest has something for everybody, and it seems like everybody was at Streetfest's first night. Duke Keith was also out with his slow-motion camera -- maybe he saw you! Check out his Streetfest Slowdown, set to Filter's "Fades Like a Photograph"...

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