Since the pandemic put a damper on social gatherings meant we had to find another way to do things. Granted, it was difficult trying to learn our way in a new world.

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Which happened to be the virtual world that we had to depend on for handling tasks. One of those tasks would include how Socorro Independent School District held their annual Special Olympics Spring Games last year.

Clearly, during a pandemic, the safest thing to do is stay safe and away from large social gatherings. Hence, why S.I.S.D. had created virtual competitions for the athletes that still wanted to compete.

The virtual competition last year went smoothly and was neat to see each athlete compete while keeping their social distance seen above. The athletes had to pick a place where to show off their fast skills. You can see one of the athletes Isaac Giannetti holding his sign up proudly at last year's virtual Spring Games below.

via Laura Giannetti
via Laura Giannetti

Socorro ISD's Facebook shared that the Spring Games were supposed to be earlier today except had to postpone due to high winds. Tomorrow Socorro Independent School District's 34th Annual Spring Games is in Honor of James P. Butler and will officially begin in-person competitions.

This amazing competition will be held at the SAC where the athletes are looking forward to springing into action. Plus, the athletes are always pleased to see their fellow competitors with a warm embrace. Besides, after the pandemic, I am sure they have been anxiously waiting to compete in person again after so long.

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