You may remember the name Daniel Villegas from years ago. He was the man that was wrongfully convicted of capital murder of two teens. Daniel Villegas spent 18 years locked up in prison until 2018.

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It has been a few years since Daniel Villegas has been living his free life. Unfortunately, Daniel Villegas experienced every parent's worst nightmare involving his child. Some parents need some assistance when it comes to their children's transportation home.

Well, a bus driver for the Soccoro Independent School District dropped Daniel Villegas's 6-year-old child at a park alone. If you're a parent then you will feel, hear, and even see the frustration, Daniel Villegas felt. According to Daniel Villegas, the school district tried putting blame on him and his wife.

Any parent would get heated if the blame was put on them and speak out. Well, that is what Daniel Villegas did when he vented to his followers going live. Daniel Villegas wants other parents who have had problems with Socorro Independent School District to reach out.

Daniel Villegas mentioned he plans on getting in touch with some lawyers in New York to file a lawsuit. But a lot of us can definitely feel for his child that must have been scared out of his mind. Luckily there were other parents around that stayed with him until his parents arrived.

Hopefully, no other child will ever experience that kind of wave of anxiety again. KFOX 14 shared the story and video of Daniel Villegas venting (above) on social media last month.

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