There is a Las Cruces woman that is feeling like she is on top of the world right now and deserves every moment of that feeling. That Las Cruces woman is Jenny Mastler, who has quite the collection of medals she has collected over the years. All of Jenny Mastler's medals were collected during her involvement with Special Olympics New Mexico.

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But what Jenny Mastler has been working so hard for over the years has finally paid off. Now if you haven't heard about Jenny Mastler she has certainly worked herself up to superstar status through her hard work.

Jenny Mastler, 43, has been battling with Williams Syndrome since the day she was born. Williams Syndrome is a developmental disorder that affects different parts of the body.

But despite that, Jenny Mastler didn't let that or anything else for that matter stop her from doing what she loves. But her hard work paid off since she will be heading to Orlando, Florida for the USA games this summer.

Jenny Mastler will be competing as a team player for the state's bocce ball team during summer games. Now if you're clueless about what Bocce ball is just refer to Gather Together Games tutorial YouTube video below.

Jenny Mastler's stepmother Nila Mastler praised Special Olympics New Mexico for giving Jenny the ability to be her own person. You can see a YouTube video from Moji Cinema that shows Jenny Mastler playing Bocce with her teammates. El Paso will definitely be rooting for Jenny Mastler and the rest of her team this summer.

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