There are some things you encounter that will either freak you out or amaze you. Now we don't know if we have the potential to be an animal whisperer or if the animal is just plain out friendly. But whatever the case it is always awesome to see videos of situations that normally don't usually happen.

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For example, you might be familiar with the story about the dude who came out on The DoDo YouTube channel for his pet squirrel. I am not sure about you but watching videos like that is always cool to see.

If you know who I am talking about then you know the unique bond that he has with the squirrel. If you are clueless and still don't know who just check out The DoDo's YouTube video above.

Last I checked I thought squirrels ran away from people just how birds usually scatter away from humans. But I guess not all creatures on this planet are scared of people after seeing a warehouse worker from Socorro Independent School District share his unique experience.

It seems like there is a friendly flying pigeon that enjoys making friends wherever it stops. An El Paso man, Vinny V. shared his personal experience with the friendly pigeon on Facebook.

According to Vinny V., the pigeon apparently will chill on your shoulder like a pirate's parrot. Hell, the pigeon even let Vinny V. pet away while it chilled on the table.

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