The KLAQ Morning show interviewed Buzz's favorite artist of all time...Robert Earl Keen.  He will be performing in El Paso on Saturday (8/6/11) at Whiskey Dicks. It's been almost 10 years since Robert has returned to the Sun City, so to say that Buzz was excited is an understatement.

During the interview Robert talks about his new album "Ready For Confetti" and his month long vacation.

When the conversation turned to performing in the summer time and dealing with the heat, Buzz asked Robert if he had ever gone done something like the Kings of Leon and stop a show because of the heat.

"Those guys are sissies.  I hear a lot of complaining from those guys.  Man up is what I say!  They're half my age, get up out of your bunk and go play your guitar."

In this clip Robert talks about how his last visit to El Paso inspired him to write a new song.

You can listen to the full interview here:




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