It is all fun and games when you witness an epic fail but sucks when it happens to you! This guy above is the perfect example of what you need to beware of when the Top Golf El Paso location opens.

According to El Paso Times you should already know the site work began in January and is set for the Westside part of town. Top Golf is considered to be a top notch golf driving range that many golfers are looking forward to. Thankfully BrandNews uploaded this epic fail a drunk man pulled off at a Top Golf driving range. Everyone knows alcohol and a 3 story driving range clearly don't mix unless you're responsible. The guy in the video above not only had an epic dangerous fail but fooled himself into thinking he hit quite the drive. Luckily, Top Golf thought way ahead and figured people would accidentally fall off the ledge by putting adult proof body nets. I hope you Golfing fans keep it safe when our El Paso location finally opens. Top Golf's location for El Paso will be on the Westside at 5146 N. Mesa St. so be ready!

If you're just as excited as I am to play hopefully you will be careful and responsible when it opens.

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