Normally people have talked about caves spotted in the Franklin Mountains but not this time around. I was today years old when I heard about other caves that exist in an unusual spot. This time around a friend of mine posted about a couple of caves that weren't in the Franklin Mountains. He and his friend had gone trailing on the Eastside of town and came upon this gnarly discovery. If you're already familiar with the area and the caves that are on the Eastside you know how to get there. As for others (like me) who don't know are intrigued and want to scope that area out. It's neat when you're enjoying a hobby like offroading or hiking and come across things like this. Just like another friend of mine who came across an abandoned house that sits on top of Sugarloaf Mountain. It's pretty cool when you come across things you didn't know existed.

Another cool discovery that I never knew existed or heard of were Trombidiidae's that live in the Franklin Mountains. Well, you always learn something new that you never knew existed before with the help of friends. From all the times I had gone offroading/trailing with friends in the past I had no clue about these caves. When I had asked my friend Gabe about the caves all he could tell me was it was far out East. In order to get to the caves, you would take Montana and doesn't remember the dirt road's name you turn on. But he did mention it is before you reach Hueco Tanks.

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