Some Eastsiders are stoked about their neighborhood gaining an Albertsons in the future. I guess the way you can look at it is how Westsiders believe the Westside needs a Chico's Tacos.

I would know because for most of my life I have always said a Chico's Tacos would do really well on the Westside. Back in high school, some of us Coronado students had to ditch a period before or after lunch to go out and eat Chico's.

El Paso Upcoming's Instagram shared a photo of what the future Albertsons on the Eastside will look like.

What's funny is I first came across the Instagram post on Facebook from a friend. They took a screenshot of El Paso Upcoming's Instagram post and shared it on Facebook.

Not only was my friend excited about the Albertsons news, but other Eastsiders were as well. The future Albertsons under construction at the moment is located at the intersection of Zaragoza Road and Pebble Hills Drive. This new Albertsons on the Eastside will actually be one of the largest in El Paso. The store measures up to 63,000 square feet, which kind of has you wonder just how big the other El Paso stores are.

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