Last Sunday a huge car show in the parking lot of a local shopping center off Gateway Blvd West was shut down. It was around 8 pm when the officers were in the parking lot with their flashing lights wrapping up the car show.

I had noticed it when I was driving on I-10 East just before exiting at Zaragoza's exit. Now I wasn't able to see the car show beforehand but someone who did see it mentioned it was packed.

Now what I want to know is how long did the car show last with the number of people that were there. Of course, me being a pepa I had to swing by to see the aftermath.

Now by the time I made it to the parking lot to snap a few pictures the officers and flashing lights had left.

The number of cars that were still parked hanging out was still quite a few.

Now that vaccines are being distributed some people are attending more social outings.

For example, you would think an outdoor car show would be able to suffice for social distancing but apparently not. If you've ever seen the parking lot I am talking about, it is pretty large.

But it wasn't large enough for a crowd of El Pasoans wanting to scope out some cars and trucks that are decked out.

Just pulling into the parking there was a long line of cars waiting to exit. It is obvious that a lot of people in El Paso miss live events and social outings.

Let's hope, pray, and cross our fingers that everything turns out for the better soon.

Car Show Shutdown

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