When I would go off-roading with friends I would always notice all sorts of items dumped throughout the desert. When we would be taking the trails to our destination I would notice couches, televisions, recliners, washers, and dryers. You name it, they had it laying around. But some of the off-road enthusiasts use some of those illegal dumpings for their pleasure. They will either use the washers and dryers as shooting targets when they go out to shoot. While others will use the couches and recliners for items to use for bonfires. Other items you also see that isn't really used for anything that stays laying around are tires. The desert is home to A LOT of used tires that just stay laying around instead of being properly dumped elsewhere. Well, the tire dumping still continues out on the far Eastside of El Paso.

Just recently The Real Fit Fam El Paso shared some footage of an actual tire dumping. Now dumping tires in the desert isn't right but this wasn't just a few tires. The people in the white pick up truck dumped a whole trailer of used tires. The litterbugs dumped used tires near Loop 375 and Pellicano. The best thing about The Real Fit Fam El Paso sharing posts like that help identify the guilty party. If you ever dump items that no longer serve your purpose, please don't resort to dumping in the desert. As it is Rent A UTV's trails had to change their trail route due to the litter in the Red Sands area.

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