There are plenty of places in El Paso to enjoy buffets at. Plus, the variety of options we have like pizza, salads, or places with a little bit of everything. We have enjoyed CiCi's Pizza, Soup, or Salad at Souper Salad, and Golden Corral that offers a little bit of everything.

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But years ago Furr's had several locations open then eventually in time closed each one. Another buffet favorite that served a lot of everything existed in different parts of town. Furr's on the Westside once was where Peter Piper Pizza is on N. Mesa St. and Balboa Rd. before they closed.

Then the location off Dyer St. closed their Northeast location. Which then left the one and only location left. Furr's definitely broke some hearts after closing their doors. Well, Furr's no longer exists on the Eastside of town near Tinseltown.

It is unsure if the restaurant plans to move to another location or if they're closing the doors for good. Furr's always had business every single they were open. Some of us are hoping deep down inside Furr's can make a return since they had the best everything from appetizers to food and dessert.

There are others who also enjoyed grubbing at Furr's on weekends with family or friends. Now when you Google Furr's it shows temporarily closed instead of permanently closed. So does this mean we can still have hope about Furr's making a comeback in the future? What confuses me is how other buffets are still open except for them.

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