There are some roundabouts in El Paso that you try to avoid at all costs. While other roundabouts in El Paso don't seem so bad.

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For example, the roundabouts on the Westside don't seem so accident-prone as some on the Eastside. The one by Piedmont Dr. or the ones on Kerbey Ave. seem way calmer than others on a particular road far East.

But considering all the roundabouts in El Paso, which road do you think has the worst roundabout in the borderland? I certainly hate using the roundabouts on the Eastside.

If you need me to be more specific, the roundabouts on Edgemere Blvd. seem to be the worst. There are some El Paso drivers that make that specific route dangerous.

Now last I checked I thought you were supposed to drive slower instead of hauling butt. But apparently, Edgemere Blvd. is where some El Pasoans like rushing through the roundabouts.

Well, I don't know about you, but I always dread having to take the roundabouts on Edgemere Blvd. when I must. Plus, it doesn't help any when there are quite a few drivers rushing through them.

But I would like to know if you also agree with me that Edgemere Blvd. has the scariest roundabouts. Despite driving a beast, I still feel uneasy riding through them.

I am curious if you at all have the same feelings as I do about Edgemere Blvd. roundabouts. Share your opinion with me about the roundabouts on Edgemere Blvd. in the poll below.

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