When you go hiking in El Paso you never know what you will bump into. A friend of mine who's been on a hiking spree lately has bumped into some surprises along his hike. About a month ago he had found a tiny and cute creature that lives in the mountains. I have never seen or heard of Trombidiidae's until last month thanks to Raymon Aerrola. You can see when he was acquainted with a Trombidiidae on his hiking adventure. Well, Ray is still bumping into surprises along with his hiking adventures in the Sun City. On his recent hiking adventure he went on he came across an abandoned house that sits on top of the mountain. The house sits on Sugarloaf Mountain that sits on the East part of the Franklin Mountain Range.

I had asked my friend Ray about that house and he also had no clue about the story behind the house. I mean the curiosity is killing me because I want to know what that little casita was used for. Clearly people who have made their way up Sugarloaf Mountain came across it due to the taggings. I have never noticed the house from Alabama Street considering I have driven along that road for a while now. If you want to check out Sugarloaf Mountain for yourself it's just a mile northwest of the intersection of Alabama Street and Fred Wilson. Sugarloaf Mountain is on public land which means there is no charge to access it. Should you choose to hike on Sugarloaf Mountain be careful because it isn't an easy one.

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