I don't know about y'all, but the prices of these eggs is too damn high!

Morgane Perraud via Unsplash
Morgane Perraud via Unsplash

Egg prices have jumped by 49% in just the past year and that is way too much for me! You can find out what's the cause of the rise in egg prices by reading this piece by our very own Iris Lopez, also check out her egg-celent pick up lines!

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Right about now, people who own chickens are looking pretty rich- and if you're looking to cut down on egg prices and if you also coincidentally always wanted to own chickens, well now you can and it's all thanks to Rent the Chicken!

What is Rent the Chicken?

Rent the Chicken is as simple as the name states; they rent out chickens! Rent the Chicken provides you with all the supplies you need to have your own chickens in your backyard.

Rent the Chicken will proved a portable chicken coop, two to four egg-laying hens, 100 to 200 pounds of feed, food and water dishes, a chicken-keeping book, and instructions on how to keep the animal happy.

In Texas, there are four locations you can rent your chicken, or chickens; Austin, College Station, Dallas- Forth Worth and Houston.

With everything they provide, you're sure to begin saving on the cost of eggs. The good news is, if during the process you begin to love keeping chickens, you can adopt them! If not, no judgement, your rental period comes to an end and they'll pick up the chickens. It's like Blockbuster, for chickens!

If you love farm fresh eggs, and have been curious about raising chickens, click here to find out how you can start Renting your chicken today.

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