This year Easter and April Fools Day fall on the same day. This won't happen again until the year 2029. So, you'd better make the most of it this year. Here are a few Easter Fool's ideas.

  1. Dip a regular carrot in chocolate. Put it in your kids Easter basket and wait for them to take a bite.
  2. Fill a hollow chocolate rabbit up with mustard. Carefully replace the foil wrapper. Then take it to work and leave it lying around.
  3. Tell your kids you hid Easter eggs outside. But don't actually hide any eggs. See how long they'll look for them.
  4. Fill your kids plastic eggs with things that are actually good for them. Like Brussels sprouts or dental floss.

But the best Easter Fools prank is something they've been doing in Mexico for generations. Fill egg shells up with confetti and smash them on your loved ones heads. They're called cascarones and in this video Buzz and Joanna try making them for the first time.

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