A semi-truck full of eggs overturned Monday morning in Dallas.

Breaking Egg
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First things first: the driver is OK, and it doesn’t look like there were any injuries. I think that means we’re clear to joke about it, right?

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According to the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office, the truck was transporting 30,000 pounds of Eggland’s Best brand eggs. Not all of the eggs ended up on the road, but they had to shut down the westbound lanes of I-30 right before the I-45 interchange.

Here are some photos of the mayhem:

That’s all of the facts on this story. The rest are just dumb yolks…I mean, jokes.

Eggs-tensive damage was reported. The lost product was the egg-quivalent of $90,000 according to one eggs-ecutive with the company. Speaking of the company, many people accuse Eggland’s Best of being a shell corporation.  The westbound lanes were closed, including the eggs-press lane. Commuters stuck in traffic found it eggs-cruciating and eggs-hausting and took egg-ception with having to eggs-it the Interstate. Most people who DIDN’T get stuck in the mess said they were “cracked up” by the story.

If it turns out anyone tried to steal any of the spilled cargo, Dallas police say they will charge them with poaching eggs.  After several hours of clean-up, the crisis was over…easy!

Organic Chicken Farms Cited For Overcrowding
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There are three key lessons to be learned here:

1.)    Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched

2.)    Don’t put all your eggs in one basket (or truck)

3.)    You’ve got to break a few eggs to make an omelet

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