We're in the Lenten season so now is a good time to ask why are some of the biggest Easter symbols fluffy bunnies and brightly colored Easter eggs if we're marking the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ?


Bunnies and eggs have nothing to do with the Christian religion and the Easter Bunny isn't in the Bible, so why is he such huge Easter symbol? Rabbits have a lot of little baby rabbits, and ancient people saw them as a symbol of fertility. In ancient times fertility was very important because not everyone made it out of childhood. When Christianity was just a struggling little religion, they took on a lot of pagan symbols to draw pagans to the new religion.

Easter bunny watching the egg hunt
Arne Trautmann

Eggs are another symbol of new life. I mean, what comes out of eggs? Baby chicks of course. Just like bunnies are symbols of fertility and birth, Spring is the season of renewal no matter what era of humanity you are talking about so it's no surprise that Christianity also uses symbols like eggs and bunnies to teach that. Christ dying on the Cross and His Resurrection is a symbol of eternal life promised to His followers. Spring is all about renewal and new life, see where this is all going? Pagans used eggs as another symbol in their religion and eggs got folded into Christianity throughout the centuries. You probably won't find Easter eggs at church but you might find them in an Easter egg hunt after Mass or services. Happy Easter!

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