Two years ago on November 3, 2018, I attended Deftones first Dia De Los Deftones festival. Deftones is the only band I will travel to see in concert outside of El Paso, Texas. Although I sure do miss when they would schedule a concert for El Paso as they did before. Either way, I am thankful for getting the chance to attend their first festival. Last year I didn't attend their second festival on Saturday, November 6, 2019, since I was 6 months pregnant. But right now concerts are on the backburner at the moment due to the pandemic. Normally Deftones usually hold their Dia De Los Deftones festival on the first Saturday of November. This coming Saturday would have probably been Deftones third Dia De Los Deftones festival in San Diego, California. I want to re-live that night by sharing my first time seeing their first Dia De Los Deftones festival.

It was such an awesome experience to be a part of and around all sorts of other Deftones fans. Plus, Dia De Los Deftones is always held at Petco Park which is home to the MLB team, San Diego Padres. Going to see Deftones was also my chance to finally have my first sip from one of their beers. The one beer my plus one and I enjoyed until they sold out was Belching Beaver's Phantom Bride. There were different stages throughout Petco Park. The merch tent had long lines of people (including me and my plus one) to buy something from that special evening. The first act we saw was Mike Shinoda on the main stage. It bummed me out that Mike Shinoda didn't play "Lift Off" that evening which I was hoping for. Walking around Dia De Los Deftones had similar vibes that our El Paso Downtown Street Festival has. The music that night was a mixture of artists from different genres from Rock to Rap music. I got to see some acts I have had been wanting to see then. I saw Mike Shinoda, a little of Future, Doja Cat, and then who I originally went for... Deftones. You can enjoy the full live set from their first annual Dia De Los Deftones music festival above thanks to Deftones Live.

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