Woodstock, Coachella, Lollapalooza, Vanz Warped Tour... these are some of the biggest music festivals we've had in the United States. We've had our share of festivals in El Paso like the Downtown Streetfest, the Sun City Music Fest, or Neon Desert. But there's one festival I think El Paso should ABSOLUTELY have... the Trans-Pecos Festival.

If you've never heard of the Trans-Pecos Festival, according to its official website, it's a multi-day festival of camping, workshops & music all with the purpose of spreading love. It's only about 3 hours away in Marfa, Texas at the El Cosmico hotel (which as found out is one of the coolest hotels in the US).

If you've never been there, the crowds get HUGE. Like... just take a look for yourself:

I mean this gives me MAD Woodstock vibes. Tons of people there, you have individual tipi tents for camping overnight, a FERRIS WHEEL, and of course tons of musical acts on stage.

So why do I think El Paso needs one? Well a couple of reasons:

1. We absolutely have the space to hold one. I think White Sands National Park is the perfect place to hold this. Ascarate Park would be my 2nd choice.

2. We absolutely have the number of musical artists of all genres that can fill out a 3 (or 4) day festival from El Paso, Juarez & Las Cruces (and even further into the state of New Mexico & Texas). There's been many people who loved our own music festivals so I don't see that being a bad thing.

3. Think of the business we could draw in with the amount of people coming to visit El Paso; many local businesses can have vendors at the event & spread their names to people who would've never heard of them before. We've seen a boom in local businesses growing & even bigger chain stores coming to El Paso so it's a great way for smaller business to flourish.

4. Who doesn't love the idea of spreading love through music? I mean there's a reason why Woodstock was so popular in 1969. There was too much hate in the world & they wanted to make a difference. I think with an El Paso festival spreading love through music is a great idea.

Maybe we'll do our own Trans-Pecos Festival in the future. Until then, if you want to enjoy it, it's a short 3 hour drive away in Marfa.

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