If you had your opportunity to have one of us from the KLAQ staff read YOUR tweet of an opinion ALOUD and on camera I suggest you keep reading. I am sure you already know of Jimmy Kimmel Live being famous for his mean tweet segment.

I am not sure about the staff I work with and their feelings barrier but I can handle criticism alright. Most of my guy friends always comment on my butch voice and make fun but it's always tough love with them. You, being someone we don't know on a personal level can either hurt us or not with your outlook on us. Hell, I know a few of us who will not take your opinion seriously and laugh it off. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but can you imagine having us basically make a video and giving you credit for your truthful opinion?

Now, if you have a Twitter account and want in be sure to tweet to KLAQ and let your mouth or fingers do the talking!

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