Not sure if you're aware but a lot of work goes into our annual events that we hold. It's soooo much work that most of the team from the station usually gets less than 4 hours of sleep.

So with that said, for the team to have Memorial weekend off is unusual but happily accepted. Since we're taking a break this year I figured we could take a look back at a few bands that made it a memorial weekend to never forget. One of the bands that put on a damn good show and brought two lady fans on stage......Five Finger Death Punch! It's funny to see how Ivan Moody was pretty butt hurt that these ladies were reppin' the other guys and NOT him. Another band that put on a great show you can't forget is Volbeat and if you've seen them you know they really rock out! They always enjoy coming to the Sun City and know how to work up their fans.

If you have a great memory from Balloonfest feel free to share it in the comments below!

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