The Texan comedian with the curly hair is coming back to the Sun City! Hopefully, you guessed right and if you're still unsure it's Raymond Orta. The last time I recall Raymond Orta being in El Paso and in our studios last year in March. He is bringing his hilarious talent back to El Chuco Town and may possibly bring up the wall topic. He's the best when it comes to making jokes about human smuggling.  Since the wall came about he made a joke about the new way to smuggle over immigrants.

Comedian Raymond Orta will be in town for a few days! His first show will be Thursday, August 8 and wrapping up Sunday, August 11. You can be sure to get your laugh on with him at Bart Reed's Comic Strip next month. He also has quite the jokes when it comes to his dirty sense of humor. You can be sure to catch him next month in El Paso and hopefully back in our studios!

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