I have been keeping a secret in since the first release of John Wick. I am part of the percentile that has NEVER, I repeat, never seen any of the John Wick flicks. I am one of those people that if the trailer to a movie doesn't grab my attention I won't see it. There have been times on occasion when someone talks about a movie and makes it sound so much better than the actual trailer. This was exactly the case with John Wick when I saw the trailer it didn't grab my attention the way my friend did. So lately I have been trying to plan a night when I can binge watch the ones I haven't seen. Another reason that is motivating me to get into John Wick films is the man behind it all, Keanu Reeves. The video above is responsible for me feeling smitten over Keanu Reeves and his humble ways. Since June 10, 1994, Keanu Reeves has always been one of my top favorite actors of all time.