There are some shows and even movies you have to go back and preview again for a particular reason. Usually, that reason is that you hear about an El Paso native who is a part of that particular show or movie.

I for one will someday find the time to rewatch an episode from a show me and my kids love to watch on FOX, 9-1-1.

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That show is on every Monday at 7 pm which should be your biggest hint, which if you watch FOX religiously, then you should know the show.

9-1-1 has an episode called "Treasure Hunt" that I need to see again just to see another El Paso native doing big things on the screen.

The El Paso native I am referring to whom I just found out about through Adriana N. is Ithamar Enriquez. She had sent a message through the free KLAQ Mobile App informing me about Ithamar Enriquez's stardom. According to Adriana N. and IMDb Ithamar Enriquez has been in countless television shows and even movies.

Hence, why I need to rewatch the episode that featured Ithamar Enriquez because I get hyped up about those things. Besides 9-1-1, Ithamar Enriquez is on another major show and you probably didn't even realize you've been watching an El Paso native this whole time.

If you watch Wandavision religiously, then something you should know if you don't already is Ithamar Enriquez plays the commercial man. Reshaded Clips YouTube has a short commercial clip from the show you can see above. You can hear an interview with Ithamar Enriquez from New Rockstars YouTube video below.

Shoot, Ithamar Enriquez even got to work with the hilarious duo Key & Peel. But Key & Peel weren't the only hilarious pair he worked with, Gabriel Iglesias was even a part of that episode as well.

Now thanks to Adriana N. I can keep a lookout for Ithamar Enriquez's face on the shows I watch. You can see a compilation of videos from different roles Ithamar Enriquez played over the years by clicking here.

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