Everyone should be familiar with the little boy who was left alone at home over the Christmas holiday. If you guessed Kevin McCallister aka Macaulay Culkin, you guessed right. This past weekend my hairstylist Sabrina and I got on the subject of Macaulay Culkin’s band The Pizza Underground.

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Except for The Pizza Underground, they are a different type of rock band. The Pizza Underground is a comical band known for their pizza-themed song names and lyrics. The Pizza Underground basically is parodying songs by the Velvet Underground.

After listening to a few songs from The Pizza Underground have you thinking you can turn anything into lyrics. The first song I ever checked out mentioned Papa Johns, toppings, wrong order, and more. You can hear that song that Tobygoodshank shared on YouTube.

You can see the performance of that song from The Pizza Underground’s first concert directly above this. In all honesty, this would have been a cool show to check out when The Pizza Underground came to El Paso years ago. On Tuesday, March 11, 2014, Macaulay Culkin’s band that makes your mouth water came to El Paso, Texas.

The Pizza Underground had a show at the Lowbrow Palace, 111 Robinson Near UTEP. The band was playing as a part of SXSW 2014. I’m not sure how the show turned out since I didn’t attend but curious if they had a crowd that night.

But I can honestly see women my age attending The Pizza Underground’s show at Lowbrow Palace. Especially some women who couldn’t forget their little girl crush on Thomas (Macaulay Culkin) from the flick My Girl. If you’re wondering if I was crushing on the dude when I was way younger, I didn’t.

One thing for sure is I can see Macaulay Culkin tempted the band to hit up Mexico just across the border. Be sure to select your answer in the poll below if you attended or not.

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