There are times we are slapped in the face with something that changes our opinions. We have all heard of that saying about you more than likely to have a living doppelganger. I definitely believe it because I have seen it in other people recently.

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Unfortunately, it's a bummer for some of us who wish to see our very own doppelganger but instead, see other's look-a-likes. Well, yesterday KFOX 14 news reported about a Las Cruces man John Thornton being arrested for his threats and plot to kill President Biden. When John Thornton's mugshot was shown I honestly thought I was seeing a mugshot of Marty York.

Now if you're asking who is Marty York, he is the man who played the role of Yeah-yeah in the flick, The Sandlot. The all-grown-up Sandlot star, Marty York has a living doppelganger in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Granted, Marty York's look-a-like isn't exactly wholesome but they sure do look similar.

John Thornton's mugshot has been circling around from all sorts of news affiliates such as CNN news and the news station in Albuquerque. You can see John Thornton's inmate profile by clicking here. You can see the comparison between Marty York and John Thornton by seeing their pictures side by side.

via Dona Ana County Jail
via Dona Ana County Jail

If you're clueless about what Marty York looks like now, this is his personal Facebook page that he personally runs. But compare the pictures of John Thornton's mugshot and Marty York's professional photo above. In my opinion, I believe the two men look very much alike but feel free to share your opinion in the poll below.

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